Tuesday, 2 February 2010

A spider's web

Just across the street
I saw a man who could not speak
But the tears didn't seem to stop
No smile or grin, not even a drop
He stared at me
like he was searching
For the one he lost, a "she"
Suddenly I stopped breathing.
Who was he and why did he seem so familiar?
My memory was playing tricks on me
and all of a sudden I knew
He was my past, the whole of it
the kiss, the hug, the love
The day we always seem to meet.
Just like a feather it flew
His feelings were like the mourning dew
afraid of the heat,
terrified by a single beat.
I remember his kiss went deeper than my skin
Some pieces were missing
Scattered all over, tiny and invisible.
And yet he's standing there
The stillness is in the air
He is breathing
and tears fall down on his cheeks
and dust on his hands.
No movement, not even a blink
He makes me think
What were the last words he said
before going to bed?

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