Thursday, 28 January 2010

Broken wings, dust and one secret

Is it true I have discovered
The world’s deepest secret
Buried in the heart of a lover?

Or is it true my wings are on fire
And there’s nothing left,
Only blood, passion and one liar,
The one who pours into my eyes
Some dust and maybe even lust
And made me forget how small I am.
But then again
Some lies you tell
To cover the steps already absorbed
By something named the Road
That has no ending,
An infinite journey;
But my wings are still broken
I do not know the cure,
I am asking you to mend them
You need something pure.
So this is the secret the world is keeping?
Take a peek and maybe you’ll find it
Because soon my eyes will be melting
And my heart will be crying.
But who’s whispering the secret?
Since you cannot hear the world…