Monday, 15 February 2010

New dawn

Have you seen my face
Painted on the wall?
Have you seen my shoes
Scattered on the floor?
The way you were dressed
The way you acted
I could tell
Something went wrong
And you still don't know.
Whether you were fool
Or whether you were mean
It still doesn't change where you've been.
Let's stop playing hide and seek
My secret place you shall never meet.
My eyelids stopped craving for you kiss
And my chest starts shaking
When it feels your lips.
Those words you kept on saying
They sounded like black and white
Somewhere in my mind
And I don't think I'm crazy
Because the only thing humming in my ears
Is the beating of your heart that stopped.
After you pulled my wings feather with feather
I decided I needed some new ones
And the only way I could get them
Was somewhere far, far away from you.
Don't be mad and do not feel blue
All of a sudden I knew
Tomorrow is going to be a new day
The day you were no longer going to stay
So leave now, please do
Because I'm in the mood to dance
And while I'm spinning around
I might need a safe, steady ground
You're just an earthquake
And you've shuffled my feelings for too long.
Go and stare at the sun
It might have saved you some light
And while you do that
Just let the window open
So I could fly away...

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Marusia Ivanovici said...

Asculta Two shoes, by The Cat Empire